DAVID K. SCHERMERHORN: “In Gaza, I saw a resilient people living through appalling restrictions with grace and fortitude”

David K. Schermerhorn — U.S. citizen, activist and retired film and TV commercial producer
(The responses were received from U.S.A. on 5 March 2011 via e-mail)

“Most of our personal property was taken while we were still on board, and nothing has been returned despite the efforts of our consulate. I did have roaming charges from Tel Aviv billed to my iPhone AT&T account. Kathy Sheetz had beer charged to her visa card in Tel Aviv.”

“I am not sure if the endless lying by the Israelis throughout my captivity was a form of psychological abuse or merely the expression of a national trait exemplified by Mr. Netanyahu. In any case, it remains one of the more irritating aspects of imprisonment.”

“In 2008 we eventually broke the siege at sea for the first time in 41 years. We could only carry limited cargo on our old boats, but for the thousands of Palestinians, who cheered us into the port, we brought hope and an assurance that the outside world had not forgot them.”

“The warmth of the welcome and hospitality aboard the Mavi Marmara was very memorable for me. Places were made for us at the crowded tables. Tea and cakes were instantly offered up. Warm silent handshakes were eloquent greetings when a common language could not be shared.”

“Since the discovery of natural gas in 1999 in Gazan waters, the Israelis had begun a policy of attacking fishing boats that traveled more than 6 miles from shore. Over a dozen fishermen have been killed, 200 plus wounded, and scores of boats captured or destroyed.”

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