GENE ST.ONGE: “Sfendoni was a microcosm of the world community that we dream about living in”

Gene St.Onge — U.S. citizen, consulting civil/structural engineer
(The responses were received from U.S.A. on 4 March 2011 via e-mail)

“The Israeli authorities were determined to teach all of us, through collective punishment, a lesson to never again consider doing what we did. That is why we were attacked, robbed and harshly treated, both physically and emotionally, throughout the ordeal.”

“The commandos, dressed in full military gear with M16 rifles and black stockings covering their faces, used tasers, sound grenades–and even their rifles–to contain us. We, on the other hand, simply tried to stand in their way.”

“The Freedom Flotilla increased public awareness of Israel’s role in the occupation. Israel has lost its influence in world affairs, and is increasingly being viewed as a ‘rogue state’. It showed to the Palestinians that there are many people around the world that care about them–even to the extent of risking their lives.”

“I will never forget the great people I met on the boat and in prison. They were inspiring to me so much, so that, once we were released from prison, I felt a certain sadness… I will also never forget the commando raid on our boat. That part of the adventure still seems somewhat surreal to me.”

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