ALEXANDRA LORT PHILLIPS: “The Israeli soldiers did not care about humanity at all”

Alexandra Lort Phillips — British, social worker
(This face-to-face interview was conducted in Istanbul, Turkey, on 27 December 2010)

“Israelis like a person who has gone mad, and needs to be sectioned into hospital. It is not self-aware, and is doing so much harm both to itself and to the international consensus. It’s not just being aggressive but actually losing its way, and becoming more and more isolated.”

“The amount of aid we brought from the UK looked very small compared to the huge amount of Turkey’s, including water tanks, generators for hospitals, construction materials, prefabricated homes, playgrounds, etc.; but it was still very important for us to take those gifts from a number of children in the UK to children in Gaza.”

“The Israeli soldiers just wanted to stop the mission, and didn’t care about the consequences at all. I still believe that the soldiers were just young men who were put into that position by older and more experienced leaders. These leaders didn’t care about their own soldiers, much less us. They just wanted to stop the mission, that’s all.”

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One Comment on “ALEXANDRA LORT PHILLIPS: “The Israeli soldiers did not care about humanity at all””

  1. Sailorman says:

    you are all brainwashed, you hated israel logn before the mavi marmara, you are not even hiding anymore, your wish to get rid of Israel and do to the Jews in Israel what you claim you suffer from. you are all sinful to G-d and oen day you will pay for let’s see you publishing it.

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