AYŞE SARIOĞLU: “The Mavi Marmara incident is a historic turning point”

Ayşe Sarıoğlu — Turkish citizen, reporter of a Turkish daily, Taraf, and M.A. student
(The responses were received from Istanbul, Turkey, on 1 May 2011 via e-mail)

“The kindergarten teachers pointed us out to the children saying, ‘Look, these are terrorists!’ How can the Israeli-Palestinian peace be maintained when the hearts of the children are full of such hatred and fear? Israelis threatening its own security and even existence by poisoning its children with such feelings.”

“They handcuffed the wounded on stretchers that could not even raise their fingers. İbrahim Bilgen who was wounded from his abdomen could have been saved if treated earlier. He was kept waiting for hours while bleeding heavily. His stretcher was carried by soldiers horrendously.”

Click the link below to read the full interview


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