EDDA VIRGINIA MANGA OTALORA: “The treatment of Israelis reminded me Guantanamo and the illegal practices of the ‘War on Terror’”

Edda Virginia Manga Otalora — Swede of Colombian origin, historian and academician
(The responses were received from Sweden on 2 March 2011 via e-mail)

“I remember a young man at the airport in Sweden who had been waiting us for many hours. He embraced me, and told that he wanted to thank me; because Egypt had opened the Gaza border, and so he was going to be able to visit his mother after 9 years.”

“The soldiers witnessed how we were dispossessed of all our property by the Israeli authorities. Later, it was revealed that some of them had taken property of the passengers for themselves, and even used their credit cards. If the authorities order them to dispossess people, how can they raise a youth that is not inclined towards theft?”

“The Flotilla was successful in its political aim of highlighting the illegality and absurdity of the blockade of Gaza; but we couldn’t arrive to Gaza, and the blockade still continues. It means that what was achieved is not sufficient; the actions must continue.”

Click the link below to read the full interview

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