FATIMA MOHAMMADI: “We experienced what the Palestinians have been experiencing for more than a half century”

Fatima Mohammadi — American of Iranian origin, lawyer and activist
(This face-to-face interview was conducted in Istanbul, Turkey, on 26 December 2010)

“Süleyman Söylemez had been shot in the head, and punctured through the back of his head when he fell backwards. I kept changing dozens of bloody towels on his wounds in just 15 minutes. Then the Israelis transported him to the helicopter in a totally barbaric way. He made it through, but still in a very serious coma.”

“Had we just sailed to Gaza without any problem, yes, we could have broken the siege, but the media would not have covered it; yes, we could have delivered the aid and shown solidarity, but without the world even paying any attention. The way that everything happened was a victory.”

“In Ashdod Port, the soldiers put their hands on me; hit me a couple of times with their guns and slammed my head up against the wall, because I wouldn’t let them take my keffiyeh from me.”

Click the link below to read the full interview

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