HASSAN GHANI: “Israel has lost any sense of morality and become Goliath”

Hassan Ghani — Scot of Pakistani origin, correspondent of PressTV
(The responses were received from Scotland on 12 February 2011 via e-mail)

“Personally I have little faith in any legal procedures. I can’t imagine Israel ever bringing its own soldiers to justice for their crimes since they are considered heroes in Israel. As a journalist, the only thing I want is my footage of what happened that night, but even this is wishful thinking.”

“I was kicked and punched while being searched, and my hands were tied together so tight that I lost blood circulation for some time. Seeing hundreds of people kneeling on the floor with hands tied behind reminded me of a concentration camp.”

“I was made to sit down next to a young man who had been shot in the legs and in the back. The wound in his leg was from a live bullet while the blood still dripping out of his back was from rubber bullets. The soldiers ignored him and the pain he was in, and left him on the floor with his hands tied.”

Click the link below to read the full interview

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