INGE HOEGER: “The brutal attack of Israel on the Freedom Flotilla has no predecessor in current history”

Inge Hoeger — German, politician and member of the Bundestag

(The responses were received from Germany on 15 April 2011 via e-mail)

“International solidarity became something very real and concrete during the days on the Flotilla. Israel’s ruthless reaction proved the point: International solidarity is a weapon of justice, and the Israeli oppressors understood it that very way.”

“The murderers of the activists and the ones in the higher ranks of the Israeli military should be brought to justice. However, Israel has nothing to fear anymore, since all the Western governments have once again forgotten all the crimes it has committed and is still committing every day.”

“The government of Israel should reconsider and withdraw from its oppressive positions against the Palestinians and the international solidarity movement, and take the international code of law seriously, instead of abusing it by misinterpretation to justify its actions.”

Click the link below to read the full interview

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