ISMAIL ALI NASHWAN: “I witnessed the massacre of the Zionists for the first time in my village, al-Dawayima, in 1948”

Ismail Ali Nashwan — Palestinian exiled to Jordan in 1956
Mustafa Ismail Nashwan — Jordanian of Palestinian origin, imam and preacher
(The responses were received from Jordan on 17 March 2011 via e-mail)

Ismail Ali Nashwan:  “While the martyrs were being taken down, I burst into tears. Then I saw my son lying as a martyr among them. Immediately I praised Allah that my son’s blood had mixed up with the blood of Turks. However, hours later I saw my son standing alive and well in front of me. I was very moved, and once again praised Allah.”

Ismail Ali Nashwan: “The 3 days I spent on the Mavi Marmara reminded me the memories of the 82 years. Throughout 82 years of my life, I have never witnessed victory. However, on the deck of the Mavi Marmara I saw such youths that I believe, insha’allah, victory will be achieved with their efforts.”

Mustafa Ismail Nashwan: “When it was noon, I stood up and began to recite the adhan. Suddenly the soldiers pointed their guns at me, and the lasers of their guns covered my whole body. They were frightened by the adhan.

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