KENNETH O’KEEFE: “Mavi Marmara and her passengers will forever have their place in history as defenders of humanity and justice”

Kenneth O’Keefe — “World citizen” who renounced the U.S. citizenship, human rights and peace activist
(The responses were received from the Gaza Strip on 3 April 2011 via e-mail)

“I did not think the Israelis would be so stupid as to attack the Mavi Marmara. I was surprised in the end that they did it in international waters no less shows just how insane our world is. If any other nation had done what Israel did, the punishment would have been swift and significant.”

“The Israeli commandos, after we disarmed, went from elite soldiers to frightened little children. These so-called commandos should thank us for our mercy, they murdered 9 good men, and we let them go. I think this single incident says everything about who we are, and who they are.”

“In the airport, I was hit with a baton over the head, and had blood streaming down my head and a concussion from the blow; I was punched repeatedly in the ribs, and choked to the point of blacking out.”

“I will always remember those minutes that I went all over the ship with an Israeli commando’s 9mm pistol trying to find the right person to give it to for safekeeping as evidence of murder on the high seas. The only reason I was not shot is proof that God decided it was not my time to pass.”

“While I was carrying some of the wounded to the Israeli side, one of their dogs nearly bit me. Later I was kicked, kneed and punched. I saw others treated this way when they were handcuffed and defenceless. It was true cowardice, the classic bully, picking on people who could not fight back.”

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