MANUEL ESPINAR TAPIAL: “The Freedom Flotilla opened the eyes of millions”

Manuel Espinar Tapial — Spanish, freelance journalist and activist, coordinator of Rumbo a Gaza
(This face-to-face interview was conducted in Istanbul, Turkey, on 26 December 2010)

“We saw around 300 people all down on their knees, heads looking down to the floor, and hands tied behind their backs. All of them were Muslims. We, as Europeans, weren’t tied, were seated on the benches, and treated in a different way. I will never forget the racism of the Israeli army.”

“We received thousands of e-mails and messages on facebook from the people supporting us. We wouldn’t have expected such a positive reaction. The Spanish people supported us very actively, but the Spanish government acted just like an ally of Israel.”

Click the link below to read the full interview

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