NADEEM AHMED KHAN: “We documented the brutality and the true face of Israel”

Nadeem Ahmed Khan — Pakistani, lawyer and chairman of the Khubaib Foundation
(This face-to-face interview was conducted in Istanbul, Turkey, on 27 December 2010)

“There are 9 martyrs, but the lives of these martyrs and their blood have given life to the Gazans. There are many Furqans already dying in Gaza, but the death of Furkan Doğan has highlighted this issue, and he became a shining star which put light on it.”

“When I reached Ashdod, my personal feeling was amazing. I was extremely happy that I was near al-Quds; I felt just as if I was in umrah. As emotionally and psychologically I was attached to the land, I was not disturbed at all. I don’t know which prophets had lived or passed the place where I was.”

Click the link below to read the full interview

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