NICCI ENCHMARCH: “I witnessed violence, cruelty, incessant lying and racist behaviour of Israelis”

Nicci Enchmarch — New Zealander living in the United Kingdom, project management consultant and activist
(The responses were received from The United Kingdom on 21 March 2011 via e-mail)

“Israel has been aggressively committing crimes against the Palestinians with impunity, and continually breaking international human rights law. There seems to be one law for Israel and its friends, and another law for everyone else. History has shown us that any state or race that believes itself above the law is headed for its own disaster.”

“When you create open-air prisons such as those in Palestine based on race, and kill, maim and deprive people of their basic human rights, and leave them nowhere to escape… who is to blame? Those perpetuating these acts, or those trying to resist this inhuman treatment?”

“Israelis treatment of the wounded was absolutely disgusting. They carried them in blankets by literally bouncing the wounded up each step smashing their backs against the stairs. This was deliberately done. I saw this arrogance, cruelty and nastiness time after time.”

“The Palestinians in Gaza are under siege for no reason except that they democratically elected a leadership and a party that is not accepted by Israel and its friends.”

“The paradox I cannot fathom is how a race of people who were so horrifically treated in the past now turns on another race with such cruelty. Today who is David, and who is Goliath?”

“We watched the looting of Israelis who were going up to the helicopters laden with personal effects and equipment. An Israeli next to me blatantly smashed the CCTV camera off the side of the ship, and casually put it in his bag.”

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