OSAMA QASHOO: “It is sad, nothing has changed; I experienced on the Mavi Marmara what my father had experienced twenty years ago in Palestine”

Osama Qashoo — Palestinian living in the United Kingdom, award-winning documentary filmmaker and peace activist
(This face-to-face interview was conducted in Istanbul, Turkey, on 26 December 2010)

Mavi Marmara is what Turkey means to me. Every time I hear a Turkish word, it takes me back to Palestine. So when I saw the Mavi Marmara today, I felt as if I had gone to Palestine again.”

“Seeing the injustices of what my people go through is enough to give me a motivation, since I lived most of my life in Palestine encountering injustices. I was arrested 27 times and was shot 6 times. Also I know the feeling of loneliness of what Gazans suffer from now. Being completely cut off from the world is the worst in this situation.”

“I was dragged onto the upper deck where I was beaten by several soldiers. They blindfolded me by putting a plastic bag and a jumper over my head; I was nearly suffocating. I was handcuffed very tightly for more than 36 hours so that my hands felt completely numb.”

Click the link below to read the full interview

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