PAUL LARUDEE: “My resistance to the Israelis is a victory for nonviolent resistance”

Paul Larudee — Iranian-born U.S. citizen, philologist and peace activist, co-founder of the Free Palestine Movement and the Free Gaza Movement
(The responses were received from U.S.A. on 16 March 2011 via e-mail)

“If our two small boats in 2008 inspired the Mavi Marmara, so the Mavi Marmara may have been an inspiration to the people of Tunisia, Egypt and others. It is a statement that power ultimately belongs to the people.”

“Many Americans refused to believe the story that hundreds of Israeli soldiers, armed to the teeth (but nonviolent!), were unexpectedly attacked in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea by unarmed (but violent!) humanitarian aid workers. As Abraham Lincoln said, ‘You can’t fool all of the people all of the time.’”

“I jumped off the boat in order to force the Israelis to stop and waste their time, and also to encourage the passengers to resist. They sent one of their warships to pick me out of the water, but I refused to cooperate with them, so that it took more than an hour to remove me from the water.”

“The solidarity between all of us was the most inspiring part of the experience. At the airport, many passengers most of whom I did not know rushed to my defense. All of us were beaten badly. Especially a Turkish man, Muhammed Latif Kaya, suffered multiple broken bones and had to be carried to the aircraft by his colleagues.”

“The passengers surrounded the wheelhouse, blocked all the doors and windows, and linked arms. The soldiers attacked with stun grenades and tasers, and by beating with guns or sticks. The passengers refused to move but did not hit back. Finally, the soldiers pulled them away.”

“As we made apartheid unsustainable in South Africa, we must make Zionism unsustainable in Palestine. If we can eliminate the racist state, we will have achieved an important victory for justice.”

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