SARAH COLBORNE: “People working together can change history”

Sarah Colborne — British, director of Palestine Solidarity Campaign
(This face-to-face interview was conducted in Istanbul, Turkey, on 27 December 2010)

“I remember one passenger bringing some butterflies for the children of Gaza to give them hope, but Israel does not count this and the toys we took as humanitarian aid, and that just exposes the cruelty of what is happening in Gaza.”

“I had never ever thought that the Israelis would shoot to kill, which was what they did. All of the Israeli soldiers came on the boat with weapons right over their bodies. They did not just have one weapon but covered in weaponry, and they were clearly there to kill.”

“The calls for help started at 5:15 a.m., and it was only at about 7:00 that the Israelis allowed the first of the seriously wounded to be evacuated. I thought our doctors would go with the wounded, but when I went out at the end, I saw all of the doctors and the first-aids in handcuffs.”

“The Freedom Flotilla was very important, and it put Gaza on the world stage and raised awareness. Israel has lost its credibility and public support; because people worldwide are witnessing Israeli violence, occupation and siege, and want to end this injustice.”

Click the link below to read the full interview

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