About the Editor

Zahide Tuba Kor was born in Istanbul, Turkey. She received her Bachelor’s degree in Political Science and International Relations from Marmara University in 2003, and her Master’s degree from the same university in 2007 with a thesis in International Relations titled “A Turning Point in Turkish-Syrian Relations: The Öcalan Crisis”. She worked as an editor and a writer of a monthly magazine, Anlayış, for six years – which covered mainly politics, economics, foreign policy and society of Turkey, as well as world politics and economics. She has more than fifty articles published in various periodicals, especially in Anlayış. Her areas of interest are Turkish foreign policy, the Middle East (especially Syria, Lebanon, Palestine and Israel), and history of religions and religious sects. The books and book chapters authored by her are:
Küresel Vicdanın Dilinden Özgürlük Filosu (Witnesses of the Freedom Flotilla), Istanbul: İHH Kitap, May 2011.
Ortadoğu’nun Aynası Lübnan (Lebanon: The Mirror of the Middle East), Istanbul: İHH Yayınları, December 2009.
Siyonizm Düşünden İşgal Gerçeğine Filistin (Palestine: From Zionist Dreams to Occupation Reality), together with Fatma Tunç Yaşar and Sevinç Alkan Özcan, Istanbul: İHH Yayınları, April 2009 (6th edition).
“Yahudi Kadının Modernleşme Tecrübesi ve İsrail Örneği (The Modernisation Experience of Jewish Women and the Case of Israel)”, Harf Harf Kadınlar, (ed.) Nazife Şişman, Istanbul: Klasik Yayınları, 2008.
Lübnan: İç Savaşların Gölgesinde (Lebanon: Under the Shadow of Civil Wars), Istanbul: İlke Yayıncılık and İHH Yayınları, 2006.


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